Which Storage Solution Is The Right Choice? FAQs About Mini Storage Lockers

What is a mini storage locker? You've heard the terms storage, self-storage, and now mini storage. But you're not sure if these are the same services or not. Before you rent a locker or unit, take a look at what you need to know about mini storage. 

Are Mini and Self-Storage Units Different?

You need a place to store your stuff. Should you select a standard unit or one that's labeled as a mini locker? Most standard and mini rentals are the same. Even though you may think of mini as significantly smaller, these rental units are still large enough to hold boxes, bins, or even some types of furniture. While a mini locker isn't warehouse-sized and won't give you the space you need to store an entire retail store's stock of sofas or a full-sized RV, it does provide a safe off-site area to hold household goods and basic business materials.

What Size Is A Mini Locker?

There's no standard size for all mini units. The specific size of the rental depends on the facility. Some rental companies may offer smaller sizes, such as five-by-five. Other facilities may call 10-by-20 foot or larger sizes mini units. To learn more about the available mini locker sizes, talk to the facility's manager or staff. They can provide you with more details on the dimensions and the types of units they offer.

Which Size Mini Locker Is the Right Choice?

The answer to this question depends on what you need to store. You will need to measure your for-storage items before you select a rental locker. Measure the length, width, height, and depth of each piece of furniture, bag, bin, box, container, or appliance. 

You may want to stack some items vertically to save space and use a smaller mini-unit. Even though this approach can help you to organize the unit, you need to think carefully about what can safely sit on top of something else. Never stack boxes, other containers, or anything else on top of delicate or easily breakable items. These items could include art (crated art or stand-alone pieces), dishware, stemware, musical instruments, or electronics. 

Not only should you avoid stacking anything on top of delicate pieces, but you will also need to consider the weight of each item. Heavier items need to sit on the floor of the rental unit. If the boxes or other containers you place on top are too heavy, push into the items underneath, or could cause damage, you can't safely stack your for-storage selections.

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