Overhead Storage For A Garage

If bikes, tools, and other gear are currently stored on the flooring within a garage, there may not be enough room to park vehicles or use the garage as a property owner prefers. A storage rack that is designed to be installed overhead will free up valuable floor space.

A Steel Storage Solution

An overhead storage rack that is constructed of steel is built to hold evenly-distributed weight. This type of storage feature is suitable for holding recreational equipment, bulky toolboxes, seasonal decor, and more. A steel racking system contains a rectangular shelf and frame pieces. Hardware will be included with a shelving system. 

The metal will not bend or corrode. It will continue to hold its shape and appearance for as long as the storage rack is utilized. Some racking systems may contain painted metal pieces. The shelving that is anchored to the metal may be constructed of a metal material that is similarly designed to the rack's framework.

The Purchase And Setup Guidelines

A steel overhead racking system contains brackets that are designed to align with the rafters and other ceiling materials within a garage. A manufacturer of racking systems may feature several rack models that can be adjusted. The long legs that comprise the sides of a rack are designed to be anchored into the ceiling of a garage.

If large items are going to be stored on a racking system, an end user may need to install a rack at its lowest height. This will ensure that the storage shelf is low enough to support the size of the items being stored. A manufacturer of a rack will specify how much weight each rack model can safely hold. A manufacturer will advertise how weight should be distributed on a rack.

The Installation Of A Rack

Upon purchasing a rack, a property owner should clean their garage. This will allow them to assess the contents that were originally stored on the floor. The individual can determine which items they would like to store on a racking system. 

One or two people should install a racking system. A ladder will be needed when securing a rack to the ceiling. Locking pins that are included with a rack kit will aid with securing a rack to the ceiling. Standard hardware will also be needed to anchor a rack. Once a rack has been stabilized, possessions should be placed on the metal shelving.

Reach out to a garage service to learn more about garage storage rack installation.

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