A Few Extra Tools For Painting Inside Or Outside Your Home

At some time in your life, you are probably going to want or need to paint a wall, room, or your whole house. While you can buy a few cans of paint, some brushes, a roller, and a tray to get the job done, there are a couple other tools you should have to make the job easier and allow you to get it done quicker and with less mess. While at the paint store, look at the following items. You will be glad you did.

Paint Tray Cart

A paint tray cart will keep you from having to go back and forth to bring all the essential items with you as you move around the area to be painted. It should be able to hold a pail of paint, a tray, tape, a stir stick, and have an area for clean and dirty brushes and rollers. The pail and tray will fit into areas that hold them securely so you don't have to worry about spilling paint everywhere. You can even use the tray area as a tray if you put a disposable tray liner in it. You should be able to store everything on the cart when you clean up and put things away too. If you will be painting outside, get a cart with wheels that will move smoothly over grass and/or gravel.

Disposable Liners

You can save yourself the trouble of cleaning paint trays by using disposable tray liners. These may be simple plastic wrap-like sheets or formed, thin plastic pieces that fit inside the tray. The wrap-like pieces generally go over the entire tray, connecting in back to keep them in place. However, they are very thin and can tear if you aren't careful. The plastic inserts are more durable and can even be rinsed off and used again. It is a good idea to rinse them at night and reuse them if you are painting again the next day. Throw them out once the job is done or if the paint dries before you can rinse them.

Paint Sprayer

If you are painting large areas, using a paint sprayer gets the job done much quicker. You can pick up an inexpensive unit at the paint store to keep, or possibly rent a more professional unit. Talk with the customer service representative to find out if the unit you choose will require more paint than if you were brushing and rolling it. Of course, time is money and a sprayer will definitely save you time.

With the proper tools, painting your home can be a quick, simple job. Take advantage of the different items above and your task will be done in no time. For more information about things like paint tray carts, contact a supplier.

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