How To Store Your Baby Supplies For Your Next Child

If your baby is no longer really a baby anymore, and you don't need to keep the baby gear out, but you plan on having another child, you need to get that baby gear ready for storage. You can store your baby gear so that you can use it at a later date when you need it again.  

Clean Your Baby Clothing 

First, before you put your baby clothes away, you are going to need to clean your baby clothing. Even if you think the baby clothing is clean, put it through the washer and dryer to make sure that it is really clean. Dirty baby clothing is not going to stay in good shape.  

When you wash your clothing, you are going to want to clean the clothing with unscented detergent. You don't want any scents on the clothing, as that can attract pests to the clothing.  

Take Apart Baby Furniture  

Second, clean all of your baby furniture. Use microfiber cloths to wipe down your furniture. Make sure that you clean all of the sides of your furniture. Babies may be really cute, but they are also really messy, and you don't want to store any furniture that is not clean. 

Once you clean the furniture, you are going to want to take the furniture apart. The furniture is going to be a lot easier to store if it is not fully assembled. The furniture will also last longer if it is not fully assembled.  

Clean Any Baby Rockers 

Cleaning a baby rocker can be a little tricky, as baby rockers have both solid materials and upholstery on them. You are going to want to wipe off all of the furniture and clean it. You should use a steam vacuum to clean all the upholstery on the baby rocker. You don't want to put away a baby rocker that is soiled at all.  

Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit 

Finally, you should rent a climate-controlled storage unit for your baby supplies. Your clothing and furniture will be more protected in an environment where the temperate and humidity are consistent.  

When it comes to storing your baby supplies for a future child, you need to clean all of your baby clothing and put it inside plastic storage containers. Use acid-free paper to line the boxes. Take apart your baby furniture so that it is easier to store. Rent a storage unit to keep everything safe.  

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