What You Should Know About Boat Storage

Owning a boat is more work than a lot of people realize. There is more to owning a boat than just its purchase price. Things like maintenance, fuel costs, and storage can really add up. Unless you live in a warm climate and plan to keep your boat in the water year round, chances are you will need boat storage at some point. There are a variety of options available when it comes to boat storage. Here is what you need to know.

Types of Boat Storage

When it comes to boat storage, the size of your boat will play a big role in determining what type of storage option will work best. There are a few different types of storage to choose from. Outdoor storage is a great option in areas with mild weather. However, you will want to have it shrink wrapped for protection which can cost anywhere from $25 to $60 per foot. Indoor storage is another option, if you have a large garage or barn, you can store your boat inside. Other options include storage units and dry rack storage provided by marinas.

The Cost of Boat Storage

Boat storage costs can vary widely depending on the size of your boat, how long you plan to store it, and where you are storing it. If you have a large indoor space or an outdoor space where you can store your boat, then boat storage can be relatively inexpensive. If you need to rent a storage unit or use a marina, boat storage can be fairly pricey. Winter storage for most boats averages out to be around $2,000. However, failure to properly store your boat and leaving it exposed to the elements can also lead to very expensive repair bills.

You Boat Needs To Be Prepared For Storage

Prepping your boat for storage is key, even if you are only storing it for a few months. Even if your boat is being stored indoors, a boat cover is a must. You will also want to make sure your boat is completely dry before putting it into indoor storage. Before putting your boat into storage, having it serviced and adding fuel stabilizer will ensure that it is ready to go when you take it out of storage. 

Boat storage is something that most boat owners will need to consider at some point. There are different types of boat storage ranging from indoor storage to outdoor storage. Costs can vary, however, it's not unusual to spend a couple of thousand dollars on winter storage for a boat. It's also important to make sure your boat is properly dried and prepped for storage. 

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Owning a boat is more work than a lot of people realize. There is more to owning a boat than just its purchase price. Things like maintenance, fuel co