How To Properly Store Purses

Purses are perhaps the most common accessory to any outfit, but a large purse collection can take up a huge amount of space in your closet and bedroom. If you want to free up some storage space, you may want to consider putting your least-often-used purses into a self-storage unit. However, before doing so, you should take care to properly prepare your purses for storage to ensure that they stay in the best possible shape during their period of disuse.


First things first—you should make an effort to remove anything that is still within your purses. Food, lipstick, makeup, and other items can leak into the interior of your purse, where they can cause staining or even physical deterioration over an extended period of time. Once you've removed all of the items on the interior, it's a good idea to wipe down the exterior of each purse with a soft cloth and soapy water to remove any grime or dirt which may have become stuck on.


You should make an effort to store your purses sitting upright, as this helps them keep their shape. Avoid stacking them on top of each other, as this can cause them to become squished. Further, you should store the straps on the interior of the purse, and remove them from the exterior of the purse if you're able to. Avoid hanging your purses by the straps, as this can put a great deal of stress on the straps and cause them to break over time.

Stuff Them

In order to help your purses maintain their shape, you can also stuff them with non-acidic tissue paper. This helps them maintain their original shape and prevents them from becoming distorted by sitting in an awkward position. Avoid any type of paper that has ink on it, as this can rub off on the interior of your purse and leave an ugly stain and cause damage to the material over time.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Finally, try your best to find a self-storage unit that does not have a window, or at the very least store your purses in an area that is out of direct sunlight. This is because UV light can cause the exterior of your purses to dry up, making them more susceptible to cracking, breaking, and general wear and tear. It may be a good idea to wrap your purses in a plastic bag if there is no other option to help protect their exterior.

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