How To Properly Store Hats

Hats are a very common accessory, but like all clothing items, they can take up a whole lot of space in large collections. If you are looking to free up some closet space, you may want to consider putting your hats into a self-storage unit. However, you should make an effort to properly prepare your hats for storage, as simply stuffing them into a unit can cause them to become damaged or broken. Thankfully, properly preparing hats for storage is a fairly straightforward process.

Maintain the Shape

You want to support the shape of your hats if you are going to be putting them into storage for an extended period of time. You can do this by filling the interior of your hats with something, such as a scarf, to help protect them from becoming bent or dented out of shape.

Avoid Sunlight

Look for a storage unit that does not have direct sunlight. Like all pieces of clothing, hats can begin to lose their color if they are exposed to UV radiation for an extended period of time. Beyond the simple aesthetic concerns that faded colors brings with it, fading can also represent the drying out of the fabric, which makes it more likely that your hat will become damaged or torn.


Though it may be hard to package all of your hats into boxes, it's a good idea to put your most valuable or delicate hats into a specialized hat box, which is available at most hat stores. These boxes will protect your hats from the elements and provide a layer of physical support that can help prevent your hats from becoming physically damaged. For increased efficiency, you may want to consider stacking a bunch of hats of various sizes inside a hat box. Simply start with a small hat, and layer larger and larger hats on top of it so that the box provides the greatest amount of protection possible.

Proper Storage

Finally, you should ensure that you store your hats last within a storage unit. This means that you can stack them on top of heavier objects, making it much less likely that your hats will be squished by falling or shifting objects. Furthermore, by stacking hats and hat boxes on top of other objects, you help protect them from potential moisture and water damage that can occur in the event of flooding or water seeping up through the floor of your storage unit.

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