Establish These Rules If You Plan To Split Storage Space With A Friend

If you and a friend have storage needs that exceed the available space in your respective houses, you may wish to explore leasing a storage unit together and splitting the monthly bills. A simple way to manage the unit is to divide it in half and fill your own half with your own items. In addition to familiarizing yourselves with the rules laid out by the storage center, it doesn't hurt to also make some rules that you will both agree to follow for the good of the unit. Here are some rules to consider making.

Don't Store Anything That Will Attract Pests

Some storage centers forbid you from storing food, but other facilities allow you to do so. Generally, though, this can be a poor choice. Storing food can attract pests such as mice, and these menaces can do a significant amount of damage to the possessions inside the unit if they're able to enter. You should especially each commit to avoiding the storage of foods that are left out in the open and may release a scent. For example, it's a poor idea to store food in bags, such as rice or pasta.

Leave Space Down The Middle

Perhaps you've separated the storage unit with a strip of duct tape affixed to the floor and placed through the middle of the unit. While this line will divide your space from that of your friend, you should also make a rule about leaving space around the line. When either person crowds up against the line with his or her possessions, it can be hard for each of you to walk to the rear of the unit, which may be necessary to retrieve or place certain items. Instead of putting down a single tape line, it may be more effective to put down a pair of parallel lines a foot or two apart that can designate an aisle.

Give Notice Before Moving Out

There may come a time that either you or your friend wishes to move out of the unit. It's nice to make a rule about how much notice should be given, as the remaining person will be responsible for making the full monthly payment once the other person has left. You may choose to give one month or two months' notice, for example. This should give the remaining person enough time to find another rental partner, accept that he or she will be paying the full bill, or even consider moving out, too.

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