Key In On Vital Self Storage Features For Electronics

When putting away computers, copiers, video game consoles, stereos, and other electronics, you'll need to make sure everything is in decent condition months or years down the line. Dust, debris, humidity, and infestation can corrode or rust your belongings, and maintenance is a chore when the proper preparations haven't been made. Here are a few features and their important implications to help you pick out the storage facilities that match your needs.

Climate Control Options

To prevent dust, debris, and humidity, a decent air conditioning system is necessary. Air conditioning keeps the storage facility at a stable temperature that can reduce humidity in addition to a few humidity-stripping features of many air conditioning systems.

This is vital in areas with consistently humid climates, such as the American Southeast. In addition to stripping humidity from an otherwise wet and sticky outer environment, air conditioning systems reduce dust by filtering the air. You'll want to confirm filter performance by inspecting the facility's air conditioning system, even if the facility seems hesitant to allow inspection.

The point of inspection is to figure out how truly clean the facility is. A facility can use a dedicated clean storage unit or sweep up units before a customer comes in, but weeks of air conditioning with a damaged or missing filter. This isn't often intentional, because filters to perform a basic level of air cleanliness are cheap, but failure to fix the problem will expose some laziness or lack of maintenance.

Building Integrity

In addition to a well-maintained air conditioning system, the building needs to be in good shape. Cracks and holes in the storage unit's structure can make a lot of the climate control either useless or cost too much to maintain.

Inspecting for damage takes a lot more than the naked eye. In addition to asking for repairs or sealant to any obvious cracks or holes, be sure to perform a light and air test with a friend or other assistance.

Walk into the storage room with one person outside for safety. Close all doors and openings, then turn off the lights to expose any light that may be coming from gaps that aren't easy to see. With the lights on again, move your hand against the walls and floor with the door closed to find any air that could be leaking from outside.

Such small cracks are still enough to allow humidity or pests such as insects and rodents in. Water can leak through exposed weaknesses during extended stormy weather as well. Speak with a storage facility representative to discuss storage rental spaces and features that can keep your electronics and other sensitive belongings safe. Contact a company like Millville Self Storage to learn more.

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