Things To Put In Storage When You Get Your Home Professionally Staged

If you're in the early stages of preparing your home for sale, one of the things you might be considering is hiring a stager to augment the appearance of the rooms. During this process, he or she will likely recommend that you get rid — at least temporarily — of certain possessions that could detract from the visual appeal of the space. Instead of cramming these items in your garage, it's better to remove them completely from your home, and a logical place is to rent a unit at a local self-storage facility. Rather than waiting for the stager to suggest the items that will need to go, you can speed up the process by removing them first. Here are some things that you'll want to transport to the storage unit.

Outdated Furniture

When you hire a stager, he or she can often supply many items that will improve the look of your rooms on a temporary basis, including furniture. If you can honestly say that your furniture isn't doing you any favors, take the time to transport it to your storage unit before the stager arrives. Whether the furniture is worn out or stained, or just has an outdated appearance — a plaid or floral print, for example — the rooms of your home will benefit from having these items swapped for the stager's furniture.

Personal Items

If you're the type of person whose home is adorned with countless personal items, such as artwork from children or grandchildren, family photos and other such things, it's a good idea to pack these items into some boxes and transport them to your storage unit. When a home is overly personal, it can be difficult for a prospective buyer to picture himself or herself in the space — which can jeopardize your ability to sell your home in a timely manner. Your stager will have pieces of art and other accents that can take the place of your personal items.

Excess Clutter

In any given room, it's possible to have things cluttering your shelves and various other surfaces. With these objects in the way, the space can seem smaller — which won't be appealing to your prospective buyers. Take a look in each room and think about the items that you'll be able to remove. In many cases, a few boxes of miscellaneous items from throughout the home can help to improve the look of the space. You can pack these items into your storage unit, such as Park Lanes Storage, and retrieve them when you're moving.

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