Locating Your Business in a Storage Unit

If you are starting or trying to maintain a small business but can't afford to rent your own building, a storage unit may be the right choice for you. Some self-storage units allow you to run your business from your unit, and in some circumstances, actually court this type of business. For many business owners, this choice is a practical one. If you are looking for an affordable location for your business endeavor, check out your storage-unit options.


The benefits for a business startup are obvious. The biggest advantage is cost. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. A 10' by 20' climate-controlled unit will cost you about $180 per month. This price allows you to have an actual storefront, possibly allowing you to take your budding business out of your garage or basement without putting yourself in financial difficulty.

Business Types

Although some items may not be appropriate or even allowed in storage units, some merchandise can easily be stored and sold in there. For instance, if you are operating a sign business, a storage unit is an excellent choice. You can create your merchandise and sell it from the same building. If you are selling used clothing and do not want to run a perpetual garage sale from home, a storage unit can work well for you. A t-shirt shop, fabric shop, or furniture store could all be run from a storage unit until you are ready to expand. Even then, you could rent a larger unit or possibly the one next to your business and not have to engineer a big move.


Reputable storage units also have excellent security, ranging from key-card unit entry to video surveillance to state-of-the-art alarms. Your merchandise will probably be safer there than in your own home. You can limit access as you wish while still doing business there during set hours. You can work with the management of your unit to make certain that your business is as safe as possible. 

If you are looking for an inexpensive home for your small business, look into renting a storage unit instead of a traditional store. The price is certainly right, and these units are an upgrade from your garage. Customers will take you more seriously, and your business should thrive as a result. Check out the options in your area, such as National Self Storage - Denver, and set up shop soon. 

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