Use Self-Storage for Your Business? Be Sure to Follow These 4 Tips

If your office space is limited, chances are that you will need to use a self-storage facility to keep all the items that simply do not fit into your space. This can include office supply that you do not want to buy again when you need it months or years down the road, or paperwork that you do not need immediate access to. Here are four tips you should follow when storing office supplies.

Stack Books Vertically

It may be tempting to stack your books in boxes with the spine facing upward for easy access, but that will put a lot of stress on the book that can damage it. Stack your books vertically in boxes to ensure that spines and pages do not bend.

Use Climate-Control for Electronics

A popular feature of using a high-end storage facility is the ability to control the temperature inside the unit. This is very important if you are storing electronics, because high humidity can cause condensation to form inside the device, and potentially ruin your electronic equipment.

Phones, copiers, printers, and computers can all directly benefit from using climate-controlled self-storage, but other non-electronic items will too. Paperwork and wood furniture store better when there are climate controls in the unit due to reduced humidity.

Elevate Items Off the Ground

No matter where your items are stored, you can never be completely sure that they will be safe. One simple thing that you can do is keep items off the ground. This is because items are more susceptible to moisture on the ground in units that are not climate controlled, but it will also protect you in the event of an unexpected flood.

Heavy rain or a burst pipe can cause water to creep into your storage unit, and keeping items slightly evaluated off the ground can give you some added protection. If you must store something on the floor, place it in a plastic container so that water cannot get to the item.

Clean the Furniture

Any office furniture that goes into storage should be cleaned. It may be years before you take it out of storage, and cleaning the furniture will remove any mold spores that are on the furniture. Be sure to wipe down wood items and apply a wood furniture polish as well. It will keep the wood moist and prevent it from cracking.

You definitely do not want to open your storage unit to find out that many items did not make it. Follow these tips to ensure that everything remains in great condition. For more ideas, contact facilities such as AA All American Airborne Self-Storage.

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