How To Prepare Your Apartment For Houseguests

Are you expecting family or friends to visit but live in a small apartment? They'll feel cozy and welcome, however, in a clean and organized space, which is easy to get if you start early. The first and most important step is sorting through the clutter and deciding what to do with it.

Guest Sleeping Area

Start with the room where your guests will be sleeping. If it's a spare bedroom, clean out the closets and dresser so they have a place to store their clothes. Decide if you want to keep or toss each item as you remove it.

Box and label items you want to keep, such as holiday decorations or seasonal clothing. Set them aside by the front door.

Living Room

Examine the living room with a critical eye if your guests will include children. Remove breakables and precious keepsakes. Kids are curious and naturally pick up anything that catches their interest.

Gather and box other clutter in the living room so it has an almost minimalist look. It will be super easy for you to keep the living room spotless once you remove all unnecessary items. Don't worry, it's only temporary so your apartment will appear more spacious.


If you're like most people, your kitchen has an abundance of appliances but a shortage of counter space. Select the ones you rarely use and box them. Move as many things as possible off the counter. There are many storage solutions for the kitchen, such as hanging door racks for everything from spices to aluminum foil. Your kitchen will look attractive once it's streamlined.

Other Areas

Has winter set in but your flowerpots are still on the balcony? Wrap the flowerpots tightly with saran wrap to keep the soil inside. Get a sturdy box from a neighborhood restaurant or liquor store and add them to the stack by the living room door.

Go through other rooms and the hall closet with the same critical eye. You'll probably find a few things you forgot you had.

An Easy Solution

Rent a self storage unit near your home to protect your valuables, like one at North Star Mini Storage. You don't have to sign a long-term contract. Storage units rent on a month-to-month basis. They have everything from small 5 ft x 5 ft units up to RV and boat storage. Outside units are cheaper but not climate controlled.

Many people enjoy the convenience of storage units year-round. Since the facility is near your home, it only takes a few minutes to retrieve whatever you need, such as ski equipment or other seasonal items. It allows you to open the front door to guests and not cringe at the mess.

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